I am Nastassja Imiolek. I am an illustrator and I particularly like putting my cute characters on daily objects. I use to put them in books of which I sometimes write the stories too. 
My creations are inspired by the forest I can find at the end of my street, but by folk legends too.
When I don't work, I use to play a little bit of music, I read a lot and sometimes I go at the end of the world.
But I always eventually come back.

My Story

After 4 years studiying at the art school Estienne, in Paris, I'm graduated with an publishing degree and an book biding art degree.
I receive a funding from the city of Montreal, and I go to live for few month in Canada to illustrate and hand print an artist book. I am then under the direction of Cécile côté in the Atelier Papier Plomb, and the texts of the book are from Gilles Vigneault.
When I come back home, I work as a book binder and in the same time, I draw and write my first book for children. Later, this book will be publish by Les éditions du Baron Perché.
In 2013-2014, I take part in the Art Loop project. An innovative and creative project carried by Noémie Letu and Yasser Fadili around the world.
I decide then to go in New Zealand for 1 year. There, I realise mural painting for hostel with the IAAM art collective, I win the national contest Kinetika and I illustrate a book written by Swann Meralli.
When I come back near Paris, France, I decide to create my collection of illustrated objects.
Meanwhile, I keep doing illustrations for children and grown up.